Stand-up Paddle

An unusual walk on the Vidourle river

There’s nothing better than a stroll along the river after you’ve touched the peaks…! Come and discover the park from all points of view!

Stand up Paddle on the river!

The Stand Up Paddle (SUP), a large surfboard on which you stand up using a simple paddle. Originating in the Hawaiian Islands, this board sport is booming. Easy to access, simple to use, ideal for outings, alone or with the family, it’s a whole new approach to snowboarding!

Today, SUPs are available for a wide range of uses, at sea, on the lake or in the river, and their appeal continues to grow!

SUP rental

The Sommières adventure park offers two types of SUP for hire, 10.6s and 10.8s. The 10.6s are more responsive, faster and lighter, while the 10.8s are bulkier and more stable, ideal for leisurely cruising.

Recommendations of the French Surfing Federation for unsupervised free practice:

  • Floatation waistcoat is required
  • Closed-toe shoes must be worn