Natura 2000 zone

The tree climbing park is set up within a protected natural area...

The Natura 2000 network brings together natural or semi-natural sites in the European Union that are of great heritage value, due to the exceptional flora and fauna they contain.
This protected natural area is home to a rich and varied biodiversity.
The fauna and flora that can be observed at the accrobranche park will allow you to experience a moment of immersion in unspoilt nature.

Ecotourism & Sustainable Tourism

At Le Roc de Massereau, our mission is to raise awareness of nature’s richness, for young and old alike.

Beyond the thrilling sports experience, we take care of the park to preserve its ecosystem all year round. Your visit to the Roc de Massereau is also a bubble dedicated to immersing yourself in nature and nourishing yourself with all its beauty. We hope that this approach will inspire you to learn more about and care for the plant world that surrounds us. 

An arboretum dedicated to the park’s plants has been created and is freely accessible to all those who want to develop their botanical knowledge.

Le Roc: a committed park!

Our environmental approach

When you buy an entrance ticket to the park, you are helping to maintain and preserve this protected natural area.

Every year, we improve the park to offer you the best experience while limiting our footprint and thus practicing responsible tourism.

Stimulate initiatives, show that it is possible to reduce our impact through many small everyday gestures, and raise public awareness. That’s our motto!

The members of our team are nature lovers who will pass on their passion for the natural environment to you.


Dry (ecological) toilets to reduce water consumption!

The Sun! renewable energy: to cool drinks in the refreshment area 😉


A signpost invites you to take care not to litter anywhere in the park, as nature is so much more beautiful to look at...

Photo safari

A fun way to learn, and an unforgettable souvenir!